Introduction of Chelsea

Hello my name is Chelsea Delancy, I am currently a student at Hillsborough Community College attending my final semester here. I will be obtaining my Associates degree in Mass Communications and will continue on to get my bachelors at University of south Florida summer 2020. Originally I was born in Miami, Florida but I moved to Tampa for school for over three years now.

On my free time I enjoy playing softball, flag football or shooting hoops. I also enjoy working out and staying fit. During the days I do some form of meditation and relaxation to keep not only my body but my mind in good health.

Last year I created my on personal blog to help tell stories about me and individuals who have faced difficulties in life.This blog is for my journalism class I am currently taking but it will consist of materials from my other site. I will focus on the same aspects of my other site, which is to talk for the people and help put out situations that are problematic. The goal is to reach as much people so that everyone can be aware of what is happening, what people face and how are some ways we can help decrease the problems.

Published by MotiXdcl

I originated from Miami Florida to the Tampa Bay area in 2017. I became an Hillsborough Community College student, studying in Mass Communications. I will soon graduate in May 2020 of this year with my Associate's and I will be transferring to University Of South Florida.

One thought on “Introduction of Chelsea

  1. Hi Chelsea! Great blog and you are correct!, Very eye opening. I absolutely love Miami, which I see is where you are from. I am an avid studier of mindfulness as well and is a huge passion of mine. I am also in school and living in Tampa. I hope see much more in the future and cannot wait.


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