Congressional Midterm elections

November 8, 2022, all of the United States House of Representatives will be decided. Along with 1/3rd of the seats in the U.S. Senate. Looking at reports from 2021, I can see that the Republican party will have an advantage in the midterm elections. Funding can become a huge factor in elections because it helps cover the cost to reach a targeted audience on platforms, ads, and billboards. It also can help create a team to represent and push towards the same goals. Another factor is the dissatisfaction citizens are with the Democratic party at the moment. They are angry over COVID, how Biden is going about with his term and how he used a misleading agenda. In order for the Democratic party to gain popularity, they must gain more funding, change their strategy and be a spokesperson for its political party.

Love the person you worked to become

For those of you who are on the journey of becoming a better you, I want you to take the time out to love who you are becoming. Stop for a minute and uplift yourself for what you have accomplished at the start of 2020. Yes, the year just started but think of what you are proud of yourself for doing. It can be anything from simply purchasing a new car, paying off a car, receiving a job offer, a scholarship, becoming more patient, becoming more social, or meeting someone new. It is best to recognize these small accomplishments because it is showing inch by inch how you are progressing. Think back on how you were a couple months ago, hopefully, you see a small difference. Even if you do not feel like there is a difference find something you wouldn’t normally uplift. For instance, congratulating yourself on getting an assignment done, getting all your errands done, going to the gym, or getting some rest. These things can play a role in how you plan to become a better you. Once you start loving the person you are becoming the more you will see a difference within yourself. You will see that the person you once were is no longer standing in the way. So take a moment every day to recognize what you have accomplished or done that will help you continue to push for a new you.

Want to be a part of SGA?

Want to be a part of SGA committee? well here is your chance! The Marketing & Hot spot committee will be having meetings on every Tuesday at 1pm. The vision for the two committees is to promote student involvement while also improving upon college and campus pride. If you need to complete volunteer hours, on February 24th at 4:15pm the Community service committee will be meeting. Lastly what you will enjoy the most is the student activities Loyalty program, which is for all students at the Ybor city campus. You can find the code in the SGA room or SGA events. This program is to receive SGA perks and merch, updates on SGA events, monthly newsletters, participation in giveaways and access to fitness center. Apply now the deadline is February 28th, 2020. There is no deadline for the two committee but there is only one for Loyalty program. These are the best way to help with the community and a great way to also build your resume. These are opportunities to gain experiences in the field choice of Mass Communications. Since most people would like to be a part of SGA but do not want to the workload or commitment, you can still put that you helped with SGA. So that’s why I would recommend attending a meeting or joining the committee. Contact representatives 813-253-7657 extension 7665 or by email and

HCC Ybor Students

Free events happening soon

Tampa, Florida — February 3rd, 2020 — Today at the Event, Student Government Association announced upcoming events and meeting dates. “HCC Ybor City Student Government Association (SGA) mission statement is to serve the student body by empowering and inspiring students towards success. The Association fosters a better campus community built on integrity, respect, and unity. It serves as a resource for students to achieve their academic, extracurricular, and personal goals; and provides transparency between student leaders and campus administration. SGA also serves as the voice of the student body in matters involving the college administration, faculty, and staff. The mission of Student Government Association (SGA) is also to provide workshops for students to educate them about personal development and professional life skills”.

“Our hope this year is to engage students in the activities and workshops we host and the issues we advocate for on their behalf,” said Student Government, executive board. So with that being said there will be five events in the month of February put together by your Student Government. The first event will be on February 18th, 2020. It is Random acts of kindness day which will be held from 12pm-3pm in the Plaza. This is a non-holiday to celebrate and encourage random acts of kindness. “It’s just a day to celebrate kindness and help move forward mentality”. The next event will be Black History month festival on February 19th, 2020 at 11am-pm in the Plaza. The purpose of this event is to celebrate Black History month and experience the culture. If you like theater there will be a play in the YPAB mainstage February 20th, at 12pm-2pm. Lastly there will be game nights on February 26th and 27th. On the 26th it is Disney trivia night in the SGA room from 12pm-1pm and on the 27th. It will be a gameshow representing Black History month but this time in the Ybor room at 11am-1pm.

Another year Different methods

Many people are still in hope that another year will be different. How can you hope for something and then just give up in a matter of two maybe four days within the New Year. This pattern lingers year after year after year. People still do not understand why this continues to happens or why they do not see a change. #1 People go wrong by announcing what they are going to do on social media. People do not need to know what you have and store and some are even in hope that you fail. #2 You can speak what you want to do but if it is not written down then it can not be manifested. If you write your goals down and just look at it everyday, so you can visually see what you have accomplished or need to accomplish. I am pretty sure you are not going to remember what your resolution was couple of months from now off the top of your head. Your mind becomes busy and develop new tasks day by day. It soon disappear along the way. #3 What you put in the universe is what you get back. As simple as it sounds some people can not follow through. It is hard to stay positive and believing you are going to accomplish your goals especially when the process is not moving as fast. That’s where you have to keep telling yourself I have it. You have to act as if you already have the car you want or the job you want. As soon as you start doubting the process you add on to the amount of time you have to get it. I know it sounds strange but trust me it works. Whenever I would start to doubt or lose my focus my accomplishments came later on. It all depends on how bad you want the success and change. Don’t let excuses come in the way of your goals. If you see yourself losing focus, continue to remind your self as to why you wanted to accomplish those goals in the first place.

Taking that extra step

Most people will encounter or struggle with a lack of confidence. You may think you are the most confident person there.  But in all reality, you could be struggling with it the most. “Lack of confidence can affect your ability to reach your full potential” (Bonnie Marcus). Everyone has the potential to do anything they set their minds to. Constantly hearing negative things can affect your capabilities. If someone tells you are not going to be anything in life, you will eventually believe it. Sometimes you do not recognize it. For instants, “I can’t do this, I can’t afford this, I am not strong enough, I am not smart enough, I am just a female, and I think ’’. You then become comfortable with your lifestyle. Comfortable with just living to get by, working a minimum wage job, working an excessive number of hours, and being okay with not having the manager’s position. The fear of failure can also play a role. What you do and how you respond to failure is how you succeed. It can help you learn, understand, and how to treat other situations. “Once we start believing in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit”. – (E.E. Cummings).

How to overcome lack of confidence?

By Leo Babauta

1. Taking control of your self-confidence
2. Groom yourself
3. Dress nicely
4. Photoshop your self-image
5. Think positive
6. Kill negative thoughts
7. Get to know yourself
8. Act positive
9. Get prepared
10. Know your principles and live them
11. Speak slowly
12. Stand tall
13. Increase competence.
14. Set a small goal and achieve it
15. Change a small habit
16. Focus on solutions.
17. Smile
18. Be grateful
19. Exercise
20. Empower yourself with knowledge
21. Do something you’ve been procrastinating on

Remembering John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon is also known as “Pop’s unfortunately passed away October 29, 2019, at the age of seventy-seven. He was a veteran actor and comedian mostly known for playing in the series Friday and the voice on the adult swim show Boondocks. Although John came from a huge family of eleven other siblings, he ended up only having two children from his wife Angela Robinson-Witherspoon. His children’s names are Alexander Witherspoon and John David Witherspoon. His family found John dead in his home, but his cause of death is still to be unknown. His son John David Witherspoon sent out a tweet where he discussed his father’s passing quoted “on October 30, 2019, ~So…my Dad died today & honestly I’m not sure how to feel. I’m sad, but I’m also happy 4 all the great times we had together. We’d roast each other like homies more than Father & Son, and I really liked that. He was my best friend & my idol. That is what John was known for his funny jokes he says during his movies and what makes them so rememberable is he speaks from what he knows and feels not just being a scene for him. He made people laugh without even trying, just by being himself.  He has been around ever since way back in the 1970s. Staring in Good Times is one of the most frequently watched shows by the African American community and the same with the show The Wayans Bros again playing the role of a father figure for over four years. So, you can see how he managed to get the nickname “Pops” from people. As stated on the website “John used to say, I’m no big deal, but he was a huge deal to us”. He made a huge impact on the community. He managed to bring people together and feel a room with laughter. People connected with each other because of him. Which is by having the inspirational speeches on Friday and the lines from Boondocks. On Twitter, before the passing of John, there would be memes of John or his character in Boondocks, and the comments will fill with quotes from him. Although he did not seem like he was special in the regular world he was a legend. In the remembrance of John, as stated on John’s Twitter account “It is with deep sadness, we have to tweet this, but our husband & Father John Witherspoon has passed away. He was a Legend in the entertainment industry and a father figure to all who watched him over the years. We love your “POPS” always & forever”. – The Witherspoon Family. Unfortunately, John will not be able to finish his role in the fourth movie series of the Last Friday, but his legacy will still live on.

The Mystery Tarp

In October 2019, a tragedy of the making Hard Rock Hotel in Louisiana fell and killed many people. To this day the debris and leftover building still has not yet completely fallen. I was able to take a closer look in December when I visited Louisiana for a birthday celebration. Due to the building being unstable the construction owner does not know how or when they will knock down the rest of the building. Word was spread that where there was a red tarp you could see a worker who was still trapped inside. Yesterday, this was proven to be true. Someone spotted it and reported that they saw the legs of a man trapped dangling. It is sad to know they still cannot identify this poor soul after so long. I feel bad for the family if they see this themselves and just to guess if that is their husband, father, or son. My condolence goes out to his family and may he rest in peace.


An addition to the military entrance exam, there is a new personality test called the Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System. It was created to make sure the Army has the best new commers. This can show the recruiters if the soldiers are fit or qualified enough to be in the Army. It also can help point out any skills the applicant has to offer besides just academics and fitness. The Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System has been around since 2009 but not an official or required exam; it was only used for data input. Another advantage is it will increase the eligibility to enter the Army, being that it is difficult to get. Also, the exam System will help a component who scores fifty percent and forty- five through forty-nine on Armed Forces Qualifications will be exempt from the qualifications grading scale.  The only downside I see with this exam is having to take 120 question tests along with the other exams required to be taken for entrance. To me the personality test helps not only the recruiter but the applicant as well because during the test it ask a variety of things you might not think about on a day to base. Taking a personality test myself I found out my true interests, I even changed my major because of it. I knew I had a passion for helping people and writing but I never knew I could make a career out of it.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I want to thank everyone who decided to be a part of my new journey. This blog is not meant to bash, shame or belittle anyone but to educate. To hear stories of people just like you, with similar situations, and use them to make a change. Having a clearer understanding of what happens in different homes or individuals’ lives. I am a beginner writer, this is to help improve my skills, so if you see any mistakes or would like to address anything feel free to leave me a message. Constructive criticism will only help improve me and this blog. Also, I would like to hear stories about you as well for instance how your life changed when you started realizing how being who you are caused you to miss out on opportunities, experiences of being stereotyped, personal experiences of racism even if it’s by your own kind anything is welcomed. It can be anonymous it’s your choice just let me know in advance and we also can arrange in-person interviews.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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