An addition to the military entrance exam, there is a new personality test called the Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System. It was created to make sure the Army has the best new commers. This can show the recruiters if the soldiers are fit or qualified enough to be in the Army. It also can help point out any skills the applicant has to offer besides just academics and fitness. The Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System has been around since 2009 but not an official or required exam; it was only used for data input. Another advantage is it will increase the eligibility to enter the Army, being that it is difficult to get. Also, the exam System will help a component who scores fifty percent and forty- five through forty-nine on Armed Forces Qualifications will be exempt from the qualifications grading scale.  The only downside I see with this exam is having to take 120 question tests along with the other exams required to be taken for entrance. To me the personality test helps not only the recruiter but the applicant as well because during the test it ask a variety of things you might not think about on a day to base. Taking a personality test myself I found out my true interests, I even changed my major because of it. I knew I had a passion for helping people and writing but I never knew I could make a career out of it.

Published by MotiXdcl

I originated from Miami Florida to the Tampa Bay area in 2017. I became an Hillsborough Community College student, studying in Mass Communications. I will soon graduate in May 2020 of this year with my Associate's and I will be transferring to University Of South Florida.

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