Love the person you worked to become

For those of you who are on the journey of becoming a better you, I want you to take the time out to love who you are becoming. Stop for a minute and uplift yourself for what you have accomplished in the start of 2020. Yes, the year just started but think of what you are proud of yourself for doing. It can be anything from simply purchasing a new car, paying off a car, receiving a job offer, a scholarship, becoming more patient, becoming more social or meeting someone new. It is best to recognize these small accomplishments because it is showing inch by inch of how you are progressing. Think back on how you were a couple months ago, hopefully you see a small difference. Even if you do not feel like there is a difference find something you wouldn’t normally uplift. For instance, congratulating yourself on getting an assignment done, getting all your errands done, going to the gym or getting some rest. These things can play a roll on how you plan to become a better you. Once you start loving the person you are becoming the more you will see a difference within yourself. You will see that the person you once were is no longer standing in the way. So take a moment every day to recognize what you have accomplished or done that will help you continue to push for a new you.

Published by MotiXdcl

I originated from Miami Florida to the Tampa Bay area in 2017. I became an Hillsborough Community College student, studying in Mass Communications. I will soon graduate in May 2020 of this year with my Associate's and I will be transferring to University Of South Florida.

5 thoughts on “Love the person you worked to become

  1. Chelsea, your blog is so positive! It lit up my heart just reading your vibrant words of encouragement. I will also be transferring to USF for the fall semester and hope you had a fantastic transfer experience.

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  2. Hi Chelsea,
    I loved reading this entry! It was very inspiring and I agree, it really helps to appreciate yourself, even the small things you do. It is so easy to think of the things you didn’t do or the things you failed with, but it’s so important to focus on what you love about yourself and the things you are proud of instead. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. Hey Chelsea! I love the positive vibes in your post, I myself always strive to be happy! Working hard to accomplish your dreams is something that I always try to work on. Your post truly made me smile with everything going on currently. Thanks for sharing!!!


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